Joseph J. Schermack, Jr. – Inventor


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Savemore School Savings – 1950s-1960s

The Savemore School Savings plan was similar to the National Prosperity Association savings scheme. Schoolchildren could add to their savings account by purchasing stamps, which would then be credited to their account by the savings institution. Following are photos of the stamps and vending machines used in the program.





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National Prosperity Association – 1920s

Joseph J. Schermack incorporated the National Prosperity Association of Detroit September 9, 1922. The purpose of the corporation was “To merchandise prosperity through savings, to induce the masses to save, thereby increasing their prosperity.” The Schermack Companies produced savings stamp vending machines, for users to make small deposits to savings accounts by purchasing a stamp. The stamps were saved and taken to the appropriate savings institution to be credited to the individual’s account.

The idea of enabling savings in small amounts through stamp sales was used multiple times by Schermack in different eras and with different branding, including the Savemore School Savings program of the 1950s-1960s. Following are some examples of the machines produced for the first savings program of the 1920s.



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Single Uncle Sam “Book” Machine


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Assorted Schermack Vending Machines

While the Schermack Companies are best known for stamp vending machines, they produced machines to vend other products. Matches, cigarettes, and razor blades were among the objects suited to automated vending. The “Automatic Salesmen” in the last photo used a continuous bucket system that allowed vending of anything that fit into the bucket. They also used a phonograph mechanism to play a company slogan when the product was dispensed.





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Stamp Machine Instruction Pamphlet – Circa 1915


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Sanitary Stamp Advertising for Shop Windows – 1920s


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